Why Keywords trump Buzzwords by CVGetInterviews

By CVGetInterviews    

Choosing the right language to get your CV noticed is crucial in attracting the attention of potential employers. Recruiters and electronic screening systems filter CVs by looking for keywords; these are words which summarise your key skills and qualifications, whereas buzzwords are generic and overused and should be avoided.

Quantify Results   

Buzzwords such as ‘team-player’ do little to demonstrate your specific skills. All jobs require these types of skills, so it’s your particular contributions which will get you noticed.

In a competitive job market, you need a proven record of success to impress recruiters. Certain sectors such as sales have obvious performance metrics, with profit growth and spend reduction statistics speaking for themselves. It is just as persuasive to use examples of projects which you have worked on from start to finish to illustrate your achievements.

Words to Avoid   

When targeting management and leadership positions, your CV must convey that your work history demonstrates a senior level of responsibility. Many candidates use phrases about team achievements, which suggests that you did not have direct ownership of key tasks.

Connect the Dots   

While quantifiable results are important, recruiters value candidates who demonstrate that they can problem-solve. If you can complete your required role whilst adapting and resolving unexpected issues within your working environment or business, you will be desirable to an employer as you have transferable skills.

Generalities and endless description leave candidates as white noise in the thriving job market. If you express your strengths and worth to a potential employer in a concise and clear manner, it will help you land your next job.

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